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Overview of the maritime administrations working with EMSA

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On 3 June 2004, the European Commission requested technical input from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to support new legislative proposals on maritime safety. Subsequently, a report was prepared to show how EU member states had organised their maritime administrations and how the respective bodies had implemented their obligations under the international conventions and EU legislation, relating to safety at sea and pollution prevention from ships. Information about Icelandic and Norwegian maritime administrations was also included.

Since the first delivery of this report in 2004, the number of EU member states has grown from 25 to 28 (Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007, and Croatia joined on 1 July 2013).

New pieces of legislation have also come into force at international and European level which in some cases have led to changes in the organisation of certain EU maritime administrations.
The latest version for each administration contains the following:

• Contact points
• Status of Conventions
• IMO Audit Scheme
• STCW Recognitions
• Recognised Organisations & functions delegated
• Performance and composition of the fleet
• Number of surveyors & investigators
• Port Reception Facilities

Items Files Published
Austria 26.09.2018
Belgium 02.10.2018
Bulgaria 24.09.2018
Croatia 24.09.2018
Cyprus 24.09.2018
Czech Republic 24.09.2018
Denmark 24.09.2018
Estonia 26.09.2018
Finland 24.09.2018
France 24.09.2018
Germany 24.09.2018
Greece 24.09.2018
Hungary 24.09.2018
Iceland 24.09.2018
Ireland 24.09.2018
Italy 24.09.2018
Latvia 24.09.2018
Lithuania 24.09.2018
Luxembourg 24.09.2018
Malta 24.09.2018
Netherlands 26.09.2018
Norway 24.09.2018
Poland 24.09.2018
Portugal 26.09.2018
Romania 24.09.2018
Slovakia 24.09.2018
Slovenia 24.09.2018
Spain 24.09.2018
Sweden 26.09.2018
United Kingdom 24.09.2018